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Transformation occurs when you want to change your old patterns......

 Wellbeing Cycle to Greater Happiness

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Transforming YOU to greater health and fulfillment

Change perspective

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— Transform yourself to be the biggest and best version of yourself

— The most successful way to bring more happiness into your life

"It is short, sharp and really works" TC, London 

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When you are alone, do you feel sad and empty?

Do you beat yourself up and think you are not good enough?

Are you prepared to turn your life around and have purpose and true meaning? 


Jonathan Bell's BeMethod helps you to transform to become “you” again, to just "Be" and it does not take years of "therapy"!


Without limitations, you will be a new happier, healthier and more fulfilled you.

Whether you have health or life issues (up to your neck with loans) or just want more joy in your life BeMethod insures you transform yourself to be the biggest and best version of yourself. Never mortgage your life to personal limitations, manage stress, have your finger on the pulse of your life and be your own recovery and take credit for it. 

As a wholly holistic, non invasive treatment the BeMethod process activates your body’s bioenergetic system (your own natural healing process) promoting your recovery from physical and mental ailments by amplifying your self recovery process exponentially.

The resultant treatment reduces your emotional responses to stress bringing together your body, mind and spirit into harmony or “balance”. Your wellbeing becomes enhanced, you become more relaxed and are more able to “Be” healthier, “Be” better and “Be” happier and so “Be” more fulfilled, it even helps weight loss. Once you are in that space, you will never want to look back! You can even live longer; now that is a premium health insurance for your health and wellbeing! 

The BeMethod is designed to promote and enhance the body mind connection and so bridges established neuroscience functions, quantum physics, humanistic psychology and Eastern philosophy for greater health and wellbeing balance within both personal and corporate arenas, allowing you the freedom to break established conditioning patterns and behaviours; to Become a new you. 

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“I thoroughly recommend sceptics give it a try. I recommend that everyone keeps an open mind, I have no hesitation in recommending Jonath (...)

Rescued Relationship

I cannot recommend you enough. Thank you for helping me find such a deep-rooted problem.....

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