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  • Introduction to Wellbeing

    Introduction to Wellbeing

    14 July 2019 It is the single most empowering process you will ever encounter in order to find meaning to life. Understanding Wellbeing is learning the secret of inner peace and being happier, less stressed and so a more fulfilled life. There are many books and teachings that tell you what and how to think in order to have a better life. Wellbeing is still spelt by some as “well-being”. Why? The dash signifies a disjointed approach to wellbeing. This is not just a introduction to help you handle stress, improve self confidence, achieve better relationships - It is much, much more.

  • Free London Heart Meditation

    Free London Heart Meditation

    This is close to my heart - literally. Come, chill and connect at the deepest level. Bring a cushion and join in finding inner peace with a group of like minded people 2nd July 7:00 for 7:15pm in N4 (venue details nearer the time) close to Finsbury Park bus and tube and train station.