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  • Wellbeing Life Coaching

    Wellbeing Life Coaching

    Do you live your life to the fullest potential? How stressed out are you? How possibly can we live our life to the full when we are so conditioned by our environment and our upbringing? These 1 to 1 sessions will show you that your life is exactly as you subconsciously planned it because your life is programmed into you at an early age.

  • Transform Your Life - Transformation Circle

    Transform Your Life - Transformation Circle

    Being happier, healthy and more fulfilled is easier when you can live in the present. What's more it is easier than you think! Do you want to feel more empowered, to allow you to be more fulfilled? Are you living to your full potential? The evening is very empowering and helps you to move into the present; to live in the “Now”.

  • Wellbeing: An Introduction to a better life

    Wellbeing: An Introduction to a better life

    8 March 2019 "It is the single most empowering process you will ever encounter in order to find meaning to life." Understanding Wellbeing is learning the secret of having a happier, less stressful, more fulfilled life. There are many books and teachings that tell you what and how to think in order to have a better life. Wellbeing is still spelt by some as “well-being”. Why? This is not just a introduction to help you handle stress, improve self confidence, achieve better relationships - It is much, much more!................