Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Wellbeing

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Your firm can be or may become one of the many businesses that incur innumerable invisible costs through lack of vision of seeing the bigger picture. Wellbeing management is key to adding bottom line profit to any business with disproportionately low investment.

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Without a valid Wellbeing policy, stress related litigation which is on the rise, could see employers failing their duty of care for not having an established stress management policy in place.

In implementing an effective Stress management and Wellbeing policy, it makes sense both legislatively and financially to introduce a Wellbeing policy that will benefit all parties concerned, thus making it cost effective.

The BeMethod Wellbeing policy review and implementation is able to transform the stresses of an organisation by focusing on individuals at the same time as the business.  By creating smooth operational communications throughout an organisation, friction (the cause of stress) is eliminated by enhancing the wellbeing of stressed individuals that would normally impede progress within the organisation.

Stress is western society’s biggest corporate liability and the BeMethod can help reduce the impact of stress related costs to your operations as well helping employees manage stress more effectively. 

Blending trusted Western and new Eastern philosophies into the workplace you and your business can transform causational issues that plague modern businesses today. A new culture can be established allowing both the individual and organisation to thrive at minimal costs, a win-win situation.

Not only does the transformation process enhance the Wellbeing of all individuals it also transform and re-establish a new dynamic corporate personality too. 

Every organisation develops certain embedded procedures through historical organic growth, as well as a degree of complacency; rarely were those procedures developed to enhance the Wellbeing of the organisation. Just as an for individuals Wellbeing and happiness is essential to their fulfilment, it is no different for a business; greater corporate Wellbeing achieves fulfilment to the firms goals and enhances the individuals employees aspirational life goals at the very same time.

Whether the business is seeking a review from the top or from the bottom, a Wellbeing policy will bring certainty to the running of the operation and enormous benefits to the wellbeing of all employees.

As a transformation Life Coach, Jonathan works with industry experts like Business Doctors, Evolution HR and is able to audit your business for stress hot spots and to identify key stressors within the organisation, targeting remedial action to immediately increase profitability. 

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