Personal Wellbeing

Personal Wellbeing

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The BeMethod provides personal growth by breaking down the blockages and demotivators that inhibit us from living our lives to the full or just prevents us from being happy. Achieving a state of happy wellbeing is not as hard as it sounds.

  • £150

"Thank you so very much for your heartfelt kindness and one of the most wonderful sessions I've ever had!  Feels really clean and light inside not the usual effect of being drained after the sessions with people who are supposed to help me emotionally" YR London

The journey begins with a simple principle. Yes, a simple look to understand the basis of how to live our lives as effortlessly as possible, with the objective of living a balanced, happy and more fulfilled existence. Sounds easy?

Actually it is…….

Covering all areas of life, work, relationships, breakdowns and losses, the process takes the Mind Body connection to a greater level of connection with each other by eradicating emotional disharmony.

"I have had one session with Jonathan and I really enjoyed it and felt wonderful afterwards. I believe in positive thinking very much now." TH London

Once connected to our emotional wellbeing, we are able to work through the many levels we had no idea were present, to relieve the tensions and stresses that we experience in everyday life. The resulting clarity lifts much the pressures we have felt but never understood; allowing for greater clarity we are able to accept what was previously unacceptable, and see what was previously unknown. This results in greater wellbeing and balance and much more potential and freedom to become the biggest and version of ourself.

"Thank you so much for the inspiring session today, I feel a huge shift in me and my mental self and it feels so nice! What you have helped to do is eradicate the shit from my past and I'm now focused on my future and the present! Thank you and can't wait to catch up soon." EC London

One to one treatments are usually 60 to 90 minutes but depending on how deep seated some longer sessions will be recommended.  Price quoted is per hour, but according to our pricing policy, genuine hardship will receive price discounts to ensure that money is not a barrier to greater wellbeing. 

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Details of couples therapy, group workshops and seminars are available here.