Relationships Attracting Repairing and Healing

Relationships Attracting Repairing and Healing

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Saturday 25 March 2019. Do you want a happy and successful relationship? How we think and what we believe will determine the success of our relationships. A partner is available, it is just not always that easy to find them, attract them or even communicate with them. This workshop will help you just that!

  • £80

Humans are hard wired, at the subconscious level, to feel connected to others, and having a great relationship with someone special can really make the difference between happiness and sadness.

There are no unique formulae to having a good relationship, except to understand your responsibility in delivering the real you to that partnership.

BeMethod is more than just life coaching, it is a transforming process to help understand yourself. By understanding how we operate on the conscious level, this workshop helps you understand what is going on below the surface at the unconscious level. empowering ourselves and securing a better relationship with ourselves and that other special person. 

This workshop covers many different levels of a relationship, allowing honest communication, opening you up to believing more in yourself and importantly, that love in all its forms does exist.  

Earlybird bookings receive a £25.00 discount before 29 February 2019 - bookings at £50:00 booked after that date will count as a deposit with the balance payable on the day.

Saturday 25 March  2019 - London N4 4ND - 11:00am to 4:00pm