Sports Injury Recovery

Sports Injury Recovery

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Injury can seriously damage you in more ways than one as it undermines your ability to manage your normal expectations impacting your psyche. Speeding recovery times is about managing your mind as well your body.

“I was so impressed, years of back pain vanished, I was so high after the treatment that I asked for another treatment ½ hour later!” Dr. D Forrester (Former semi-pro Cyclist)

Exponentially speeding up the recovery process when the usual injury recovery processes have been unsuccessful or too slow; the BeMethod enhances the body’s natural ability to self-heal bringing the body back into balance and greater wellbeing.

“I thoroughly recommend sceptics give it a try” Dr BC (MD) LondonA Complimentary Therapy - A natural Method

BeMethod uses your body’s own self-repair mechanism to exponentially speed recovery. The body already self-repairs when sleeping, but this natural process takes time, and natural recovery is according to each individual’s physiology. Collaborating with the BeMethod team will enhance the effectiveness of your physiotherapy team. True synergy.

 Specialist areas treated successfully are: 

Sport Injuries

Neck Pain

Low Back Pain



Arthritic Pain

Runner’s Knees

Tennis Elbow

Frozen Shoulder

Sprain and Strains

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Pre-operative care

Post-operative recovery

 “Following my shoulder surgery, my shoulder felt very stiff. As soon as Jonathan’s treatment began, immediately I felt as if I had done exercise and I had the feeling of well-being and tiredness. The pain in my shoulder went - especially good as I hadn't taken pain killers since 11am and the Physio had pulled me about earlier that morning. Into the late afternoon pain almost non-existent and neck felt easier (normally very stiff)” MT Crawley