Why are we here?

Why do we need life coaching?

Because sometimes life is not quite easy and we do not always understand what is going on. We are not taught in school how to truly understand life, so we cope as best we can. However, without true guidance we struggle, experience upsets, have unsuccessful relationships and even incur ill health.  

It does not have to be this way!

Consider that you truly are the centre of your life, so the more understanding you have of yourself, the greater chance you have of achieving a much happier life. We are humans and we make mistakes but unless we learn from our poor judgements then we are doomed to repeat the same patterns of behaviour. Because you are reading this; maybe it is time to learn more about who you truly are and what you can really become?

BeMethod was specifically developed as a holistic process to assist you, quite simply, to be happier! It is a transforming process to re-set you for the rest of your life.  BeMethod will help you release the stresses from your life to assist you with understanding more about you, helping you to release the frustrations you have previously experienced and at the same time help with  recovery from many ailments be they deeply psychological or even physical, enabling your body to return to balanced healthy Wellbeing.

Comprising of many different methods used by many practitioners, BeMethod bridges new age disciplines of humanistic psychology and spirituality bringing them together under “one roof” and is therefore able to be tailor made for your own individual needs.1

What is the BeMethod?



There  is no catch to this common question, except in the answer that is often given to this question; I am OK.

Am I really OK? How OK am I? Very OK or just OK? Besides what does the other person expect to hear? They are being polite and are not really interested in how I am. In fact, really: how am I? Good, bad, so-so, fair to middling or just plain not OK. Therein lies society's dilemma; I cannot express how I am feeling, and in my personal case, I could not use many words because I had no real idea of my emotions. Things were either good or bad and most of the time, although I kept a brave face, I felt pretty shit inside.,  But did the person who welcomed me with a "howdy" or "how are you" really want to hear what was troubling me?

 This scenario gave me the title for my forthcoming book on being happier and healthier; "I am OK! But is that good enough? The core subconscious programme shared by me and as was to find, my clients is a very simple one but also a very powerful one. Deeply within us is a little voice telling us; "I am not good enough". This core belief creates the struggles we have in everyday life and through BeMethod I am able to prove to you that you are indeed good enough.  

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