"The most amazing session yesterday, thank you. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I slept soundly for the first times in ages. It was "amazing" because you showed me the way to navigate through my internal mind puzzle and I managed to understand my self and my mental weakness and it was all because of my childhood! I can sleep much better throughout the whole night now. I have to say that your session was absolutely priceless. Thank you once again." 


“Being a sports therapy massage therapist, I am in wonderment, how Jonathan managed to help restore me to full fitness in only half an hour. That was the best half an hour of my life. Thank you.”


"Not sure what you did but feel so fresh and every stroke of breath I take seems to be to the full and I am at a happy relaxing place ..."


“I was so surprised that my back felt so good after years of discomfort, I am back playing rugby on a regular basis”


"I was surprised that I had such a deep-seated problem which has obviously affected my "normal" life for what must be decades. Even with a single session with you [Jonathan], you were able to delve into my psyche and reveal that "chink in my armour". The result was that I was able to revive an issue with my emotional side, resulting in re-examining my questioning relationship with my partner. We are now back to happiness, love and warmth as to when we first met."


“Jonathan  have  made  a  difference  to  shoulder  and  my  knees.  Now I have less pain (actually no  pain as a generality) and better movement.”


“I had been having aches in my legs and knees for weeks, Jonathan suggested a treatment and I was very sceptical. Not any more though, I was amazed that the pain had gone and people remarked how I was standing taller. Wow! Thank you”


“I had groin strain but it seemed to vanish as did my blushes when I realised how good my treatment was. My calf muscle seemed to be as good as new.


“My tendonitis in my elbow (golfers elbow or repetitive strain injury) was immediately soothed – after the treatment there was no pain or ache, thank you”


“Following my shoulder surgery, my shoulder felt very stiff. As soon as Jonathan’s treatment began, immediately I felt as if I had done exercise and I had the feeling of well-being and tiredness. The pain in my shoulder went - especially good as I hadn't taken pain killers since 11am and the Physio had pulled me about earlier that morning. Into the late afternoon pain almost non-existent and neck felt easier (normally very stiff)” 


"Thank you so very much for your heartfelt kindness and one of the most wonderful session I've had!  Feels really clean and light inside not the usual effect of being drained after the sessions with people who are supposed to help me emotionally"


"I could not walk on my foot following my fracture. I was so surprised that after your treatment, it was able to take my full weight, I could walk on it and feel no pain at all.”