Introduction to Wellbeing

Introduction to Wellbeing

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Later in 2020 It is the single most empowering process you will ever encounter in order to find meaning to life. Understanding Wellbeing is about having a better relationship with everything, including yourself. Learn the secret of inner peace and being happier, less stressed and so be more fulfilled life. There are many books and teachings that tell you what and how to think in order to have a better life. Wellbeing is still spelt by some as “well-being”. Why? The dash signifies a disjointed approach to wellbeing. This is not just a introduction to help you handle stress, improve self confidence, achieve better relationships - It is much, much more.

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Become a Happier and more Fulfilled You

This workshop allows you to re-align your whole understanding of who you are so that your desires are really tuned in to what you want and need.

The BeMethod approach guides participants on an experiential journey, down a practical path to accomplish profound change in their life. The insights of this course can be directly applied to personal and professional transformation, to better the relationship you have with yourself, and the relationship you have with others.  A more complete understanding of wellbeing, in particularly your own, will release internal bottled up tension, built-in complicatedness and personal baggage allowing for more balance and acceptance in life; thus achieving greater wellbeing.

How can we achieve balance and ease in life unless we learn how to obtain everything we desire without the pressure of stress? 

Do so effortlessly, we need to learn to manage every aspect of our existence, including our emotional wellbeing to find balance in our life

This unique event will introduce to you the wealth of knowledge on how to feel great and stay ahead of the game on many different levels. 

You will find the answers to many questions, such as:

o Where is your source of your wellbeing?

o How can you feel happier and more fulfilled in life?

o What is stopping you being happier?

o What is balance?

o How can you tap into it?

o How can you feel great and stay healthy?

o How to balance your own everyday expectations with others expectations of us?

You are precious, even if you do not realise it at this moment in time, as you read this; BeMethod helps you to achieve who you want to be and what you want in your life, without any ties to our past. The past is a library of learning material available to help you become the biggest and best version of yourself. However, unless you know where to look, and are able to remove the emotional negative attachments to the memories stored there, the information and positive messages are all coded and useless to "the naked" untrained eye. 

With the help of BeMethod techniques you will be able to unravel what the codes are, what really makes you tick. You will feel more relaxed and more able to deal with the day to day issues of life, as well having greater motivation, more energy and a clearer vision for your future and attract the right people into your life.

Present day anxiety issues will subside as you are more able to deal with the ‘fight or flight’ stress symptoms that plagues your life. You will able to be more present - to live in the moment free from past issues that have kept you feeling; "I am not good enough". 

Stop being a product of your past.

The wellbeing workshop helps address the issues of the past in a simple way and empowers you to release them, grounding you in the moment, helping you to just "Be". Working with the Mind as well as your Spirit, BeMethod helps to bring balance to yourself and consequently your body and your life.

Your investment in yourself will be  £50.00 payable prior to the day.

Later in 2020 - on line and in London - N4 4ND (venue subject to change if numbers exceed 50) - 11:00am to 4:00pm (it is likely to overrun!)