Understanding your state of mental health

Understanding your state of mental health

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Mental health is all too often associated with problem issues; it is not about anything being wrong, it is about how healthy your mind is! Your ability to function successfully in life is solely down to how you think and why you think the way you do. If you want to give your mind an MOT, then look no further than giving your mind a pre christmas gift on Sunday 1st December 2020

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The health of our mental state will govern each and every single relationship we have had, have and will have; families, home life, socially and at work. To get the best out of all our relationships, it is vitally important to realise that the oft forgotten relationship we have with ourselves is key to having better relationships in general. 

We have no problems discussing physical health, having become accustomed to seeing physical health visually and knowing that the state of our body is dependant on exercise, diet and obtaining sufficient sleep. The same cannot be said for mental health which is invisible and is stigmatised as being "something wrong". Poor understanding of mental health has lead to the lack the knowledge of how to handle our own natural coping mechanism which has adapted to the life that we lead, often leading to confusion, ill health, stress and sometimes; much struggling.  

Mental health issues are only the misunderstood symptoms of a troubled life that we have been taught to live in. Finding the source or the core of the symptoms will empower you to have less struggle in life. 

Find out how badly we have been taught, discover what conditioning and socialisation means and find out why we know very little about ourselves.

Learn more, understand better, and live life with less struggle.

Sunday 1st December 2020 (Copvid-19 permitting) online and in North London N4  (early bird bookings by end of October receive 25% discount)

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