Not happy today - Look to your subconscious

Not happy today - Look to your subconscious

You've heard of the “Power of Now”, being in the present, live for today, “Just Be”…..?

There is a very good reason that so many people are looking to the present for the solutions to their problems in life. They want to live in the now because they do not want to live for deferred happiness in the future and perhaps more importantly importantly, they do not want the past to hold them back from “just Be-ing”. No past influences and no future expectations will result in you living in the present - a much happier existence.

The negatives from our past create difficulties in our everyday life today. The negative feelings, events, emotions are usually very deeply rooted and more often than not manifest themselves in our adult lives as fears, anxieties, illnesses, phobias, depression, anger, guilt, indifference, confusion, sadness and more….… …much more. the greater the pain we experienced in the past, the greater is the power of that trauma to disrupt our ability to live happily today. 

We are all products of our past, but we often lack the tools and experience to deal with them. 

Our upbringing, our ancestral past, peer judgements and values, race or religious doctrines are probably the biggest influences or codes that formed the programme or operating system that we work from on a day to day basis today. As such, it can be a flawed programme. 

To be in the “NOW”, it is necessary to re-programme ourselves, and reprogramme the “bugs” that we picked in our youth, that currently impede our progress forward. At first, being in the present is not always easy because it means looking at what is emotionally painful, but once you begin savouring the sweet taste of true happiness, you can learn what the blockages are and change your whole energy system - you can become a new YOU. And you can do it any age! 

Of the memories of our past, some are remembered and some are not. There are 3 primary categories of self defence mechanism that the brain will use to hide away the emotions that, usually, created our blockages that prevent us from living in the present:

1.                  Repression

2.                  Suppression

3.                  Projection

BeMethod looks at each area to find the hidden emotions that are the clues to the bigger picture as to why you are not being able to live in the present. We will look at your life’s timeline, and using universal love energy, will unravel the emotions that block you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Sometimes it is quick, sometimes it takes a little longer… but the joy of feeling free of the past, is something to be savoured…

The Solution is that as an adult we have the means to identify with victim consciousness and understand that it is only a pattern from our past. This is only the first part of your empowerment process.

Fortunately, once recognised for what it really is, you can easily dispel victim consciousness and begin living your life free from the past negative limiting thoughts that hold you back.   And it is pretty easy, too!

If you want to realise your full potential, be free of the past negatives that have held you back, BeMethod will empower you to change your life. By releasing the energy that powers the NGE factor you will allow yourself what you truly deserve; to live your life in the power of the present.

You will see yourself in a positive light; you will take life in its stride. You will understand that life’s obstacles are, in fact, learning experiences. You will have greater appreciation of yourself, a healthier outlook with positive relationships, and understand that positivity attracts positive situations.

You will feel more empowered, more fulfilled as you change the way you think, making the difference as you develop a positive understanding of yourself.

Sounds amazing? Be the creator of your life…
Try it and see.

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