Become a Happier and more Fulfilled You

Become a Happier and more Fulfilled You

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Sunday 14th March 2021 - How to feel great and have healthy relationships on all levels whether you are in a relationship or single. This workshop is designed to help you get the best from yourself and your relationships. Stop being unhappy! Find the right relationship Learn and attract what you really need to have a healthy growing relationship.

  • £80

The BeMethod Relationship Workshop - Have Happier and more Fulfilled Relationships.

This workshop allows you to re-align your whole understanding and energy system so that you are tuned in to what you really want in life and your relationships. 

 How can BeMethod Relationship Workshop empower you?

Would you like to create the following situations in your life?

o A happier and more fulfilled relationship, whether you are in one or ready to attract one?

o More meaning?

o More fulfilment?

o More fun?

o Know how to transform negative beliefs so that you can achieve what you want.

o Build on your self-worth to enjoy more compassionate relationships.

o Attract better things, people and relationships into your life.

o Know how to create a positive emotional attitude which will enable better physical and mental wellbeing.

o Know what your triggers are that put you out of balance.

o Deal with issues that impeded your progress.

o Feel inspired and enthusiastic about life and relationships.

o Tune in to what you want by reducing physical and mental stress.

o Feel empowered to create change in your life.

Why a BeMethod Relationship workshop?

Principally, you are not alone and together we can help make your life better and happier. As a group you realise that sharing some our life's journey is empowering in that you know your journey is similar to many others. Sharing is learning.

You are precious, even if you do not realise it at this moment in time, as you read this; BeMethod helps you to achieve who you want to be and what you want in your life, without any ties to our past. The past is a library of learning material available to help you become the biggest and best version of yourself. However, unless you know where to look, and are able to remove the emotional negative attachments to the memories stored there, the information and positive messages are all coded and useless to "the naked" untrained eye. 

With the help of BeMethod techniques you will be able to unravel what the codes are, what really makes you tick. You will feel more relaxed and more able to deal with the day to day issues of life, as well having greater motivation, more energy and a clearer vision for your future and attract the right people into your life. 

Present day anxiety issues will subside as you are more able to deal with the ‘fight or flight’ stress symptoms that plagues your life. You will able to be more present - to live in the moment free from past issues that have kept you feeling; "I am not good enough". 

You are a product of your past. The wellbeing workshop helps address the issues of the past in a simple way and empowers you to release them, grounding you in the moment, helping you to just "Be". Working with the Mind as well as your Spirit BeMethod helps to bring balance to yourself and consequently your body and your life.

Your investment is £50:00.

Sunday 14th March 2021 - On line and in London N4 4ND - 11:00am to 4:00pm

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